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    Laser Treatment
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    Injectable Treatment
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    Hair Treatment

Excellence Medical & Skin Care Clinic use only the newest, most advanced laser equipment to keep up with the evolving field of laser treatments. The next generation of laser.....

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Weight Loss

Now is the time to take control over your health and minimize the risk factors concerning your overall health now and into the future. The largest contributing factor to your health.....

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Hair Restoration

Hair loss and other changes affect different people in different ways. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning and want to do something about it, please do your research....

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Excellence Medical & skincare clinic

Excellence Medical and Skin Care Clinic is located in Sherwood park, Alberta. We are specializing in a variety of different procedures including weight loss, Botox, Injectables and Laser treatment.

Top Level Doctor

Dr. Sharmeen Shaikh is a family physician trained in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. She is expert in skin conditions and cosmetic procedures.

Online Q & A

If you have any question or concerns please contact us at [email protected]


Dr. Shaikh is the best. She spends time and hears the patient out. She is very knowledgeable and extremely good at explaining the treatment choices and methods to help make an informed decision.
Mark Alexis
Dr. Sharmeen Shaikh and staff are fantastic , they are really helpful about your concerned and they are really accomodating. I burned skin on my legs and felt very misrebale but when I talked to Dr. Shaikh got relief , She is very helpful. After 2 treatment session my legs looked great I always recomend this clinic to my friends, family members and coworkers whenever I hear they have any skin , hair , weight loss and other health issues. More that a best doctor. Staff at this clinic are exceptional .
Thank you very much.
Maria Monte
I lost 60 pounds weight and i have really enjoyed this journey. The staff has been excellent and very encouraging. My biggest concern was for my kidneys. I gained almost 30 lbs after my retirement and my kidney specialist was concerned of my weight gain. Very likey I recomend this clinic. I have already told many people of physician prescribed weight loss program and how well it works. I love how I look now and the staff have been amazing. I would absolutely recomned this doctor and clinic.
Thank you very much.
Edel Otteson
I recently became a patient of Dr. Shaikh She gives exceptional care, listens to her patients. I'm looking forward to continuing a provider, patient relationship.
Jennifer Parker
I lose 60 pounds this was a great experience and fantastic diet plan. I was treated very well and given alot of information that helped. Never been to other clinic. I was concerned about the injection system and the diet plan. They showed me how to do the injection. The diet was simple to follow , great experience, simple instructions about watching calories. I give alot of people the information. I would recomend this to anyone. The clinic itself is fantastic and the people who assisted me in this process are what makes this a great diet, will continue to watching what I eat and work out.
Thank you.
Barb Rix
I lose 60 pounds weight and this was a great experience for me. Staff at this clinic are wonderful, very supportive and helpful when I had questions. This is my clinic and my first time at a prescibed weight loss program. Loss of breath, tight clothes , squished in an airoplane seat! Now , lots of healthy breathing, 2 sizes down and comfortable!! I am very likely to recomend this clinic to friends and family members. Very supportive , friendly adn encouraging staff. The physician prescribed weight loss program works fantastic and it wasn’t all that difficult to follow.
Thank you so much!!
Michal Pare


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How to Actually Prevent and Treat Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation comes in many forms, including sun spots, acne scars, brown spots, and even pregnancy mask. These patches of darker skin happen when melanin, which produces your normal skin color, creates heavier deposits in your skin. While these spots are typically harmless,

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